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Request for support

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Dear compatriots,

as you know very well, since 1950 England is home to a very large number of Italians who in recent years, for well-known reasons, have been joined by many others. Today England hosts a very large number of Italians. Unfortunately, however, the drastic decision of Great Britain to leave Europe places newcomers in front of a long series of questions and creates a climate of uncertainty and instability for those who believed that in England they had finally managed to find that job and that economic stability which in Italy is an utopia.

These Italians need our help today. The Manchester Comites, an apolitical body representing the community, which directly elects its members (all volunteers) should protect the rights of our compatriots and deal with their problems. Unfortunately, despite the will of everybody and the efforts made by each of us, the funds set aside for our activities, as well as being very scarce, are closely linked to bureaucratic quibbles that prevent us from being more active, more present among compatriots and to be able to help them in a concrete way.

For this reason, we are forced to appeal to your generosity, your support and above all to that spirit of solidarity which has always characterized our nation. Our Comites urgently needs to get in touch with the community it represents and to do this, it is essential to publish a newsletter with which to inform newcomers about the various Italian institutions in the area (indicating their roles and functions), and help them to integrate into the social context, explaining how to buy or rent a house, indicate where English courses are offered, give information on local schools and everything necessary for those taking their first steps in a foreign country.

The Comites could also intervene by creating a physical helpdesk where our compatriots could go to acquire free information and, especially as regards the elderly who are not familiar with computers, find material help for the handling of their paperwork. To do all this, to support our compatriots, to ensure that they find in us a better Italy than the one they leave behind, we sincerely hope that you will support us with a donation whose use will be duly and immediately reported to you and documented.

If you want to make a donation, please contact us at and we will send you our bank coordinates.

The support you offer us will be for you or your company a commendable act of solidarity whose profit will be determined by a large and heartfelt sum of THANKS!

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