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The inauguration of the Manchester Consulate

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

On invitation of the Consul Matteo Corradini, the Comites of Manchester attended the inauguration of the Consulate of Italy in Manchester, located on the second floor in the building "The Chancery" (58 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 1EW) which will open to the public on 18 July.

Present were Sottosegretario Della Vedova, the Director General for Italians Abroad Vignali, elected CGIE councillors D'Angelo and Billè, the Honorary Consuls of Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham, the parliamentarians elected for italians abroad Massimo Ungaro and Simone Billi, and many representatives of the associations and the Italian community present in the consular district of Manchester.

The inauguration ceremony was followed by a meeting with Sottosegretario Della Vedova and Director General Vignali to discuss the situation of Italians in the United Kingdom, in which Comites participated with six brief interventions by the presidents of each commission.

We renew our best wishes to the Consul Matteo Corradini and the Consulate staff, and we leave you to watch a vlog (in Italian) made by Gianluigi Cassandra, Vice President of this Comites, published on his Youtube channel, with interviews and interventions by some of our councillors and representatives of the institution.

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