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Call: projects for the year 2023

In the meeting of July 28 the Comites discussed the theme of projects financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the year 2023. In addition to those promoted by members of the Comites, it was decided to encourage the possibility of presenting further projects by fellow Italians.

We invite anyone with original and innovative ideas pertaining to sectors of interest determined by the Ministry and which concern the consular district of Manchester, to send them to the Comites, through the institutional email, by August 20, 2022 in in order to be examined and then brought to the attention of the next meeting, already scheduled for September 2

The areas of interest identified are:

  1. Supporting women,

  2. Roots tourism

  3. Helping new immigrants

  4. Support for information channels and the establishment of networks for Italians abroad,

  5. Enhancement of the historical role of local Italian communities.

To this end, we remind you that all projects must be described in detail and accompanied by an estimate of the expenses that are intended to be supported with the ministerial contribution.

A selection of projects determined by the assembly will then be sent by Comites to the Italian Consulate in Manchester, to be further sent the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, no later than September 30, 2022.

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